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What is VoltGo?

EV industry develops rapidly. The only reason electric vehicles are not widespread as much as gasoline ones is the absence of a broad fast-charging devices network.

We offer our own internally developed product - fast-charging devices network built on a blockchain.

Total token supply: 250 000  000 tokens
Available for crowdsale: 100  000 000 tokens
5% for Pre-Sale 35% for ICO 60% for Company
150 000 000
87 500 000
12 500 000
Standard: Ethereum ERC20 token
Purchase methods accepted: BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, BCH
What is the problem?

We own electric vehicles ourselves. The main reason EV cars owners cannot drive their cars freely is the absence of fast-charging devices between cities.


Our team consists of EV enthusiasts with strong technical or entrepreneurship background.

Our CPO Sergey has even constructed the EV by himself!

We are real

We have our own production facility located in Odessa, Ukraine.

Our legal entity is established in Estonia.


Our engineering team has developed the DC fast-charging device that allows to charge an average EV to its 80% battery level in 8-10 minutes.